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Production Quality

Goya Botanicals offers 100% pure essential oils, cold pressed oilsmacerated oils and hydrosols which are obtained from the finest quality natural ingredients with modern extraction methods.


In order to meet the global requirements of cosmetics, pharmaceutics and food industries, all of our products are stored carefully and analysed by internationally accredited laboratories.

GC/MS analyses of essential oils are carried out by Mugla University Food Analysis Application and Research Centre


Fixed oils and hydrosols are analysed by internationally accredited laboratories

International and national papers and scientific developments are monitored closely, and accumulated knowledge is used to consistently improve the quality of production

Premium Quality

Harvested plants are dried under appropriate temperature and humidity conditions without being exposed to sun light

No additives and preservatives are used in production

As a result of the unpressurised steam distillation process, steam temperature does not exceed 98°C

Wild plants are harvested at the right time with appropriate methods without compromising on natural sustainability

Cultivated plants are obtained directly from local farmers

Within the process of supporting the local eco-system in sustainable wildcrafting, mostly women labour is preferred

Plant residues are donated to local farmers for agricultural reutilisation

Compliant with International Quality Standards


Locally Integrated

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