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Goya Botanicals - Myrtle (Myrtus communi

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Myrtus communis L.


True myrtle, green myrtle

South-West Turkey

Wild harvested

Steam distillation

Gökova, Turkey

September 2021



5 years



Myrtle (or green myrtle) is an evergreen shrub that is native to Southern Europe, North Africa, Western Asia. It can grow up to 5 meters. It has fragrant white/pink flowers and small (2-5 cm), ovate, deep green leaves. Myrtle is one of the most important aromatic and medicinal species from the Myrtaceae family. Dried and fresh leaves of myrtle has been used for medicinal purposes and as flavouring spice. The bark and roots are used to tan leather.

In Greek mythology, myrtle was commonly associated with goddess Aphrodite, representing beauty and love. It was regarded as a holy plant in ancient Persia and in 16th century Europe it was a major ingredient of skin lotion “angel water”.


Myrtle leaves, which are used to produce Goya Botanicals Myrtle Essential Oil, are wildcrafted from the mountains of south-west Turkey. Unpressurised steam distillation ensures the finest quality of Goya Botanicals Myrtle Essential Oil which is predominantly constituted by α-pinene, 1,8-cineole (Eucalyptol) and linalool. It has floral and herbaceous aroma.

Uses & Benefits

Myrtle is used in food industry, for flavouring meat and sauces, in perfumery and cosmetic industries(1). In traditional medicine it is well known for its anti-septic, disinfectant and hypoglycaemic properties(2). In ancient Egypt and Greece, myrtle is used for curing respiratory complaints, diarrhoea, urinary disorders, menstrual problems and in the bites of poisonous spiders and scorpions(3).

The essential oil of myrtle is used internally for bronchitis, tuberculosis, diarrhoea, haemorrhoids, and prostatitis(4). Because its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and wound healing effects, myrtle essential oil is also used for relieving the pain and decreasing the size of ulcers in minor recurrent aphthous stomatitis situations(5). Moreover, it is a safe skin-soothing substance effective for treating acne by reducing the number of erythema(6)..

Recent studies had also proved that the myrtle essential oil is an effective insect repellent(7).

GC/MS Analysis & Technical Data Sheet

The GC/MS analysis of this myrtle essential oil batch sample meets the expected chemical profile for authentic essential oil of Myrtus communis L. No contamination or adulteration has been detected.

References & Disclaimer

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Essential oils are highly concentrated, powerful herbal liquids that might have strong chemical and biological effects. The statement above is for information purposes only. It is not intended to offer professional medical advice or treatment for any condition. Goya Botanicals shall not be responsible for any harm resulting from the use of or reliance upon this information.

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