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Myrtle Hydrosol

MYRTLE HYDROSOL (Myrtus communis)- 100 ml


Goya Botanicals Myrtle Hydrosol (hydrolat or floral water) is obtained naturally during the first half of unpressurised steam distillation process of myrtle, which grows wild in the mountains of south-west Turkey. Goya Botanicals Myrtle Hydrosol is 100% natural, pure, undiluted, free from any preservatives, alcohol and emulsifiers. It contains approximately 0.05% to 0.30% myrtle essential oil. It has a fresh and floral aroma with 1,8-cineole and α-terpineol as major components.


For more information about this specific batch please visit Myrtle Hydrosol product page.

Myrtle Hydrosol

  • Myrtle hydrosol is used for both medicinal and cosmetic purposes. It can be used as a prophylactic for seasonal bronchitis and chest infections. As a mucolytic, decongestant and expectorant, it helps to calm chesty coughs and congested sinuses. Along with cornflower, Roman and German chamomile, myrtle is one the four hydrosols that is recommended as an eyewash(1). Furthermore, scientific researches have proved that it also has antibacterial properties(2).


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